Welcome to Our Practice

Imagine Actually Looking Forward To Visiting The Dentist!

Finally, a dentist in Aurora who cares as much as you do about:

  • Your Comfort
  • Your Safety
  • Your Schedule
  • Your Budget
  • Your Smile

3 Reasons Why Your Search For A New Dentist Is Now Complete:

  1. Just Say No To Pain
    Our primary goal is that you are as comfortable and pain-free as possible while visiting our office.
  2. Accurate Treatment Plan
    Other doctors may push the limit on the treatment you may or may not need. With us you’ll only get what you really need.
  3. We’re Not Your Mother
    Rather than a reprimand or scolding, you’ll get nothing but positive encouragement from us.

But don’t take our word for it!

More Than Happy!

“Dr. Ivo does it al - regular check ups, crown/veneer work (I have beautiful smile now), root canal procedures (pain free during and after), teeth bleaching. ”

“I can’t imagine going anywhere else after the great experience I’ve had with Dr. ivo and his team” ”

My Dentist Of 27 Years

“I have been seeing Dr. Ivo for the last 6 years. He is an excellent dentist” ”

“I continue to see Dr. Ivo even though I have to commute from Golden, simply because no other dentist I have seen can compare…Highest recommendations” ”



Come see for yourself why we have been in the Top Dentists in Aurora category with The Denver Magazine for numerous years!