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Complete Checkups

At Crossroads Dental Care, our staff understands how vital it is to have healthy teeth. We believe it helps our patients maintain their overall appearance, health and self-confidence. We stress the importance of good oral hygiene with regular dental visits. At Crossroads Dental Care, we provide a complete dental checkup, which allows the doctor to detect any dental issues you may have.

Our services include:

Professional Teeth Cleanings

At Crossroads Dental Care, your visit begins with a professional teeth-cleaning treatment performed by our dental hygienist. The treatment involves the use of a hand-held tool that scrapes away plaque or tartar found above and below the gum line. Once this procedure is completed, the hygienist will floss between each tooth to remove any residual plaque. Then the hygienist will use a tooth polisher to smooth the teeth, which helps in preventing plaque from gathering on your teeth between visits.

Digital X-rays

Digital X-rays allow us to take a closer look at the oral structures in order to see any underlying issues not detected during a visual exam. They take an accurate picture which can be easily transmitted onto our computer screen. Digital X-rays use less radiation than traditional X-rays and are environmentally friendly.

Oral Cancer Screenings

According to the American Dental Association, an oral cancer screening should be considered part of any dental exam. The doctor performs a visual examination that involves looking for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in the mouth. The dentist looks at the inside of your mouth for signs of irregularities such as unusual redness, swollen patches and discoloration of the gums. The primary objective of an oral cancer screening is to detect and identify mouth cancer in the early stages.

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Our Happy Patients

"Excellent service is what you'll find here. The staff is friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The hygienist is very thorough and has the lightest touch, it is like an angel is cleaning your teeth! I'm very happy with the work the dentist has done for me as well. He takes his time and does it right."

Kate B'>
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"Premier practice! Warm, friendly, thorough, kind. Everyone has made me feel very welcomed. Very professional."

Kim C Kim C.

"Just had the best dental experience, ever. The staff was super friendly and knowledgable, answering questions/explaining things that I've always been curious about. Highly recommended, 5 stars indeed."

Erick M Erick M.
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