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Fluoride Applications

It’s a known fact that fluoride helps fight and protect against tooth decay. At Crossroads Dental Care, we encourage patients, young and old, who are at risk for cavities to undergo a professional fluoride application during their bi-annual dental visit. The fluoride solution used in a dental office is stronger than what you will find in over-the-counter products such as toothpaste and mouthwashes.

A typical fluoride application takes only a few minutes to complete. The hygienist will use a gel or foam which can be painted on or applied using a tray. When the treatment is complete, it is recommended that you wait at least 30 minutes before eating and drinking.

A fluoride application may also be suggested if you have discoloration, or spots on your teeth, which is an indication of a mineral deficiency. A fluoride application introduces minerals back onto the tooth, which can help minimize the spots. It is also recommended for patients before any orthodontic treatment, such as braces. Traditional braces are usually difficult to clean between teeth making them more susceptible to cavities.

Has it been awhile since you or your child has had a fluoride application? Call Crossroads Dental Care at (303) 927-0639 for an appointment.

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