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Mouth Guards

Today, people are more active than ever! Mouth guards protect your teeth and gums from injury when participating in any contact sport. At Crossroads Dental Care, whether you are young or old, we consider mouth guards an essential piece of equipment for our more active patients.

There are primarily three types of mouth guards.

  • Stock mouth guards are known to provide the least protection. They are sold over-the-counter as a one-size-fits-all mouth guard that is usually uncomfortable to wear. They can obstruct your breathing and speech.
  • Boil and bite mouth guards are made of a thermoplastic material that you place in boiling water to make them more flexible. Once they cool down a little, you put them in your mouth over your teeth and press down to create a mold. Boil and bite mouth guards cost slightly more than stock mouth guards and offer better protection because they are molded to your teeth.
  • Customized mouth guards are the ones we highly recommended because they provide your teeth with the best protection against injury. They are custom-made in our office using an impression of your mouth.

Night Guards for Adults and Children

Night guards prevent damage to teeth in children and adults who grind and clench their teeth at night. They are made of either laminate or soft plastic and worn over the teeth. They separate the upper lower jaws to prevent the teeth from grinding and clenching. In some cases, night guards are recommended for children during the growing phases of their jaw and teeth. In adults, a night guard is used to help alleviate the problems associated with grinding and clenching their teeth.

Are you or your child active in sports? Do you tend to grind or clench your teeth? Call Crossroads Dental Care at (303) 927-0639 and speak to us about how you can protect your teeth from injury using mouth or night guards.

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