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Pediatric Dentistry

At Crossroads Dental Care, we know how difficult it can be to find a practice that is caring, compassionate and friendly in order to meet the dental needs of your child. Our staff understands the importance of good dental health in our younger patients and strives to make their visits relaxed and enjoyable.

Child’s First Visit: We recommend children see us by their first birthday. During this first visit, the doctor will discuss your child's dental hygiene and even take the time to demonstrate the proper way to brush and floss their young teeth.

Children’s complete check-up: The checkup includes examining your child’s teeth and gums for decay and other dental issues, especially if the child has a habit of thumb or finger sucking. Then the hygienist will clean the child’s teeth and apply fluoride to help protect them against decay.

Preventive dental treatments: Preventive dental care and treatments play a major role in your child's dental health. Preventive treatments such as fluoride and sealants will help keep their young teeth healthy and cavity-free.

Restoration: Unfortunately, there are times when a child’s tooth will become decayed or needs repairing. At Crossroads Dental Care, we are experienced with fillings and crowns for our youngest patients.

Emergency Dentistry: We all know children are active and that accidents can happen. For those times, we are here for you and will provide the best care in a comforting environment.

Spacers: A child's young teeth are important and have some considerable responsibilities. If a baby tooth is lost too early, we can use a space maintainer to ensure that space is held open for the permanent tooth.

Sedation: We want our young patients to be relaxed and comfortable at the dentist. Ask us about the best way to achieve this for your child.

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Our Happy Patients

"Excellent service is what you'll find here. The staff is friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The hygienist is very thorough and has the lightest touch, it is like an angel is cleaning your teeth! I'm very happy with the work the dentist has done for me as well. He takes his time and does it right."

Kate B'>
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"Premier practice! Warm, friendly, thorough, kind. Everyone has made me feel very welcomed. Very professional."

Kim C Kim C.

"Just had the best dental experience, ever. The staff was super friendly and knowledgable, answering questions/explaining things that I've always been curious about. Highly recommended, 5 stars indeed."

Erick M Erick M.
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