Stable Dentures – Implant Retained Dentures

SECOND OPINION ON Franchise Dentistry

Call us for personalized treatment tailored to YOUR needs, not the standard  product someone already offered you.

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    Is you smile affected by damaged or missing teeth? Do you have hard time chewing the food you like and enjoy? Are you limited to soft food diet? Implant retained dentures can repair your smile and improve your confidence.

    Placed in the jaw bone, conventional or mini dental implants are used to anchor your denture against your gums. By using different treatment options, that fit YOUR jawbone and YOUR budget, we can help you regain the confidence and smile that you have been missing. We build your custom treatment plan around your needs, not around our product.

    Have you been told you don’t have enough bone for dental implant, unless extensive and expensive bone grafting is needed?

    Have you been offered a treatment you simply can’t afford?

    It is time to get a second opinion. Consult Dr. Pumpalov today about the best course of action to get your smile up to 100%.