Gum Recession Treatments in Aurora

Do you have increasing tooth sensitivity? When you look in the mirror, do you notice your gums are starting to pull away from your teeth? Has your dentist confirmed that you have gum recession? Fortunately, Dr. Pumpalov and his staff offer multiple procedures to help stop and reverse receding gums. In our clinic, we look at the cause and treat both the reason for the disease and the disease itself. Utilizing the latest advances in gum procedures and dental surgery, you can trust our competent team to help you recover your brilliant smile.

What is gum recession?

Gum recession refers to the loss of gum tissue along the gum line. This can occur as a result of orthodontic treatment, excessive force when brushing your teeth, periodontal disease including gingivitis, periodontitis and advanced periodontitis or the natural aging process.

Should gum recession be taken seriously?

When we lose the gum tissue around the tooth, the root of the tooth becomes exposed. Once the root surface is exposed, it is no longer protected from decay and other issues that can affect teeth beneath the gum line. Since healthy gums and bones are essential for a healthy smile, treating gum recession is important for long last dental healthy.