Stable Denture FAQS

Am I a candidate for dental implants?

If you have ever wondered, “Am I a candidate for dental implants?”. Have been told you are not a candidate” ? We encourage you to call (303) 309 0220  and schedule an appointment with our Dental Clinic. Dr. Ivo will conduct an examination and take necessary X-rays to determine for which implant system you do qualify. Remember there are more than one option and the best one is the one that is tailored to YOUR needs. We are ready to spend the time necessary to determine this with you and find together the solution to your implant needs.

What is the dental implant surgery?

At Crossroads Dental Clinic, Dr. Ivo used state of the art equipment to plan, execute and provide your implant treatment plan. From initial impressions, to surgical guides and the procedure itself, every step is planned by the DENTIST providing the treatment, not a remotely based lab technician who had never seen you. Dr. Ivo does not outsource your care as he wants to be sure in the success every time, every patient. At the day of surgery you will be the only patient seen in the Clinic, out whole team will attend to your needs, Dr. Ivo will not “jump in and out of the operator room” and will concentrate only on your treatment. At our location you pay according to the dental fee guide and you receive your surgical care from a Certified in Colorado Dentist. The follow up care is provided by the same person who placed the implants as nobody else knows better what have happened during surgery. No clinical notes or descriptions can replace first hand experience of the treating dentist and its patient.

Post op care for dental implants?

At Crossroads Dental Clinic, Dr. Ivo can provide you with information regarding post-op care for dental implants. Being the most durable and natural way to replace your missing teeth, or stabilize your denture placing implants requires recovery process that must be taken into consideration. When you visit our Dental Clinic, we will perform an examination, and we will discuss with you what to expect from the implants procedure. All of this before hand, before signing a contract, before consenting to extraction of all natural teeth, if this is the case, before anything is done for you. We are transparent and ready to provide all necessary information up front so you, the patient can made the right decision for you. Call us at 303-309-0220 to schedule your free exam and x-rays. We don’t even call is a consulation as we will perform a complete exam and take responsibility for what we have done. And this from the first minute we have seen you in our Clinic.

Questions you will find the answers for at your first free dental exam with us?

What type of experience do you have to make the process go smoothly?

– DO you have sufficient dental training and experience ? 

– Do you complete the entire process in-house or do you work with an oral surgeon?

– Can you restore my existing dental implant if the crown is damaged?

– Can I use my existing dentures and just add the implants under them? 

– Can I talk to the dentist directly when I have a problem ? 

– Will I always see the same dentist, whom I saw the first time ? 

– What is the difference between this clinic and a franchise dental clinic ? 

– Can you work with my dental insurance to help me out in the payment process ? 

– Do you accept my dental insurance if I have one ? 

– Can anyone qualify for implants retained dentures ? 

– Why was I told I am not a candidate at one of the other places I visited already ? 

– What is the difference between implants retained and conventional dentures ?


 You can find answers to these and many other questions during out initial, free 90 minutes exam.